Reduce the cost of your FX Risk Management

Built for companies managing risk using FX spot and forwards. If you want to save the time it takes to execute your FX, this will help. If you record your deals in a spreadsheet that is a mess, this will help. If you would like to know how much revenue you are giving to your FX provider, this will help. If you want to get a Fair Deal, we built FairDealFx for you.

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Get a fair deal on your FX hedging

You’re not an expert at FX derivative pricing mechanics – and now you don’t have to be. For too long your dealer has had all the information. With FairDealFx, you know what they know.

Our first client saved $11,213 in her first month by changing the conversation she had with her FX dealer simply by letting him know that she knew precisely where the market was.

Put yourself on a level playing field to negotiate a better outcome – because every point you save is money in your company’s bank accounts.


Deal Capture

Get your deals out of Excel

Live revenue

Know how much your provider is earning

FDPredict Beta

Live prediction of what price you should get based on past deals


Live pricing of spot transactions

FX Forwards

Live pricing out to 12 months maturity

FX Predeliveries

Need it early? Now you can price it

Historical Rate Rolls

Including credit, demystified


AUD against USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, CAD, plus 6 other currencies with more coming soon

  • FairDealFx saved me $9,828 in one trade yesterday! I had to roll a $10M USD deal and [major bank] quoted -68 pts even though FairDealFx said -46. The dealer said we were paying 10 pts credit margin so I emailed our RM and asked what the other 12 pts were for. After a bit of back and forth, we ended up paying -60. Not perfect but better than it would have been if I hadn’t been able to quote the true price! - Financial Controller

  • WOW – just saved significant $$$$ on my GBP deal. With the transfers we have pushed through this month, [FairDealFX] has saved us quite a lot of $$, plus made us “wiser” to the market. - Financial Controller

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Save Time

If you know where the market is pricing, you no longer need to call around for competing quotes. Know whether you are getting a good deal immediately.

Add Governance

Excel spreadsheets are notoriously error-prone, and become impossibly complex over time. Our deal capture system enables you to keep all your deals in one neat system.

Change your bank conversations

With knowledge comes power. Knowing how much revenue you give to your FX provider enables you to have a conversation about appropriate pricing on all of your products, not just FX.

Built by Experts

Put 30+ years of deep treasury expertise in your corner. FairDealFx was built to put information used by large companies in the hands of small-to-medium enterprises for comparatively little cost. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.